Double [or] Nothing

An Artist's journey to explore the value of Fine Art Photography.

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“Double or Nothing” 

 is my personal experiment to determine the value of my fine art photography, identify potential customers, and assess the viability of this as a future revenue stream.

The concept is straightforward: each time I sell a piece of artwork, I double the price of the next piece. Over the course of a month my objective is to sell a piece for £1024, a figure that currently seems unattainable. However, the only way to know for sure is to try.

Despite my artistic experience, I've yet to understand the business side of selling my work. Every attempt raises an array of questions: what's the right price for my work? Who would be interested in buying it? What prompts someone to buy art? How should I market it? Where should I advertise? “Double or Nothing” is designed to address these uncertainties.

My photography is not about capturing a 'decisive moment'—a unique, perfectly framed snapshot of everyday life. Instead, it focuses on the wonders of the world around us which are reimagined and amplified in worlds I create. I aim to highlight these fleeting moments of magic through my photographs, immortalizing them forever.

Despite feeling anxious, I have to ask myself: what do I have to lose?  Wish me luck.

How does it work?

The store has 11 prints, each with a set price. The sale of each print triggers the availability of the next, with the price doubling each time. This process continues until the 'Between Two Worlds' print is sold for £1024.

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