I’m Hannah, Creativity is what gets me out of bed in the morning, so I created Hannah Davis Photography to pursue my passion.

For 8 years have been creating worlds that are pulled from the depths of my imagination; which are wrapped up in childhood nostalgia, wonder, and magic.

Like a lot of like minded Creatives I come across the same obstacles when trying give life to my e concepts. Like How do I get from  this crazy  idea and produce the outcome  to I want? 

I demystify these problems that stop us progressing. How?  I lead by example, creating unique inspirational outcomes then I demonstrate the methods, tools and resources I use to make it happen. Check that out here on my blog. 

When I’m not being creative you can usually find me in my PJ’s with a messy bun indulging in action-adventure films while eating cookies!

I’m so honoured I can create new stories while helping inspire and educate creatives. 



East London

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