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The Project

'Wondrous world' will be a photographic series that is inspired from reading 'The children's excyclopdia' by Ben this is  a series of books that were always available to me at my grandparents house when growing up, the vast knowledge and not knowing whats on the next page has always intrigued me and kept me coming back as well as the amazing illustrations. 

In order to push my imagination, creativity and experimentation I have some rules. 

All concepts must have been ignited by something i have read in the book 

After reading a passage that sparks my interest or imagination , I am not allowed to google my ideas to develop it, to avoid re creating something i have seen. 

Only allowed to take 6 photos per concept on film. 

Create one concept a month for 12 months. 

Document and share the process.

The Goals

'Wondrous world' project  is my first step to my 5 year goal delivering a Ted Talk about creativity. But there are other things i want to want to acheive on the way . 

I hope to use this body of work as a foundation to apply for Art council England Develop your own creative practice. This is highly competitive funding, it will enable me to take the plunge into taking my concepts and turning them into highly impactful immersive art installations experiences. 

Im using this work as a way to demonstrate/ show them how serious i am on making this my full time career. 

Here are my 6 monthly and yearly  Goals 

April 2023 - Launch project 

October 2023 - 5 concepts shot, 10 sponsors 

April 2024- 6 concepts shot, 16 sponsors

October 2024 - cohesive body of work 20 images, contact 3 galleries to exhibit 

April 2025 - Apply for Develop your own Creative practice. Selling Limited Edition Prints.

April 2026- First Immersive art work opening in a public space. 

April 2027 - Second Immersive Art Work.

Yeah of 2028 - Deliver Ted Talk about creativity. 

My promise to you, the sponsors. 

I will never stop pursing my creativity

I wont back down when it get tough

I will share and inspire others where ever possible. 

Credit you and thank you every chance along the way. 


  • Outstanding Aerial Photograph
  • Exceptional Image Award for Travel
  • Landscape Photographer of the Year

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