Here is how I can help you progress...


Build your Network


Learn how toThink bigger! Create your own unique Ideas.


Turn your Ideas into Outcomes. Learn how to take your ideas and create photography  that delivers.


Review, Refine, Repeat

The creative process is something that just keeps on giving. Its a never ending cycle.

01 Build Your Network

What: Fortnightly meets on Thursdays at Cafe 1001.  

 The best projects are made when you work with people who all bring their own piece of the pie. This is a chance for creatives to expand their contact books, express ideas and setup future collaborations on stories and discover professional opportunities. 

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Is your portfolio missing the wow factor? 

To progress you need disect and understand your own motives. What is it that you love about you work and why?

Check out my own creative dissection. 

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Struggling to get started with your big idea?

Learn a step by step system that I use to analyse and refine my idea's, plan and organise myself, decide on what props and setup for a shoot.  

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Review, Refine, Repeat

Not sure what it is that your missing in your work or why your idea didn't work out?

Talk freely and here feedback about what you have learnt, what didn't work and what you plan to do next time in a structured  round table session with myself and 3 other creatives.

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